If you’re not making an impact, what are you making?

Consultancy services in brand and strategy, for arts and entertainment clients in Europe and North America.

Who we are

Hi - we’re a team of marketing professionals, with valuable experience in promoting culture, which we want to share with you and your business.

Since the 1990s, Rob has worked with and for the subsidised and commercial sectors in the UK. His experience covers marketing, PR, fundraising and ticketing for orchestras and concert halls, opera and ballet companies, theatres and arts centres, big West End producers and city-wide festivals.

13 years ago Andy founded Substrakt, a leading digital agency building websites and online solutions, and he has worked with many arts and entertainment producers at different scales in Europe and the US. Ash does strategy, planning and execution, sparking new ideas and ensuring delivery on time and on budget.

Impakt is a new joint initiative and an independent sister company of Substrakt.

What we do


Let’s look at your positioning and values, your focus and ambition, your communications and (above all) the impact you’re able to make. We can help you and your teams define and articulate your beliefs, and resource them to deliver tangible reputational value.

This is tough terrain which many avoid, but with the right advice and the right focus for input across your organisation, the difference can be exhilarating. We can get you started. We can ride side-car and help you scan the landscape. Or we can work on every part together, pulling in expertise when we need it.


Where you’re going and how to get there. We can advise on planning, data, implementation or analysis. We can be ‘coal-face practical’ – guiding you through a campaign, helping you choose delivery partners, reviewing pricing, writing pitches or applications, challenging stale thinking, or advising on a digital MOT in readiness for an overhaul.

Creating impact

This is a new venture, and we’re excited to find out what’s possible. Frankly we want you to surprise us, and we’ll do our best to provide a creative response.

How we can work with you

For an initial consultation fee (which we can discuss to ensure it’s affordable), we’ll assess what you tell us, ask a few pertinent questions, take some soundings and make some recommendations.

Then we can take it from there depending on your needs: a regular sounding board, a project partner for short- or medium-term, practical support for a specific task, or something entirely left-field. None of this has to end with a digital solution, but if it does we can help with that too.

How you can get in touch

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Contact any one of us for a conversation and give us a chance to find out more about your needs and concerns:

Rob Macpherson

Managing Director

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07702 713772

Andy Hartwell

Commercial Director

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Ash Mann

Strategy Director

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