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What we do

Since 2019, Impakt has supported organisations in culture and education with marketing and brand challenges.

We’ve handled entire brand reviews, diagnosing the problems through workshops, running perception surveys and audience research. And we write solid strategic briefs that get to the heart of the challenge.

We’ve selected and commissioned design and copywriting support, researched web developers, and taken projects through to launch and implementation.

We’ve also helped reorganise and train teams, advised on scheduling and pricing, and set up brand-tracking systems.

What can we do for you?


For a new project, a refresh of your current brand position, or a gradual evolution, we can help you articulate what makes you different.

Why should your customers care? How can you truly claim your brand’s territory? Can your team speak with one voice? How do you track your own impact? What do audiences think of your competitors?

A well-focused actionable brief ensures it all comes together. Refreshed guidelines become the key reference point to galvanise your team (and any creatives you work with) around your core ideas.

Strategic sounding-board

The world is likely to be upside down for some time.

If you are not back to full strength and need extra brain space for strategic thinking, lean on Impakt. We can guide you through a planned return with the right delivery partners, challenge redundant thinking, or advise on a digital MOT in readiness for a comeback.

This can help you earn, raise and save money.

Marketing plans

The seven Ps, the four Cs, the 23 Ws… where to start?

From practical campaign strategy to advocacy, PR events and social media, this is about building an audience by getting your service to market.

On time, on budget, and on brand.

Perception surveys

We help identify the voices you value, and gather honest feedback about your business.

As your independent and confidential intermediary, we anonymise responses, chunk them into useful themes, and report back to you, your board and senior team.

You get wisdom, clarity and insight which you can really work with, especially before a brand review or refresh. (NB: this process is not for the faint-hearted.)

Sales and pricing

For arts and entertainment clients, we can help schedule your shows and events, calculate best pricing strategies and set achievable targets.

We can examine box office/CRM options and point you in the right direction for further practical support.

We work with leading specialists on all of this, so we’re well placed to assess your needs impartially and help you find the best technical advice.

Team Reviews

Job descriptions, team structures, recruitment, search and selection.

For a different perspective, get in touch for a confidential conversation about options, skills, the best questions to ask at interviews or appraisals, and how to find good people.


Words are your strategy. They matter. Are yours working?

We can help you craft speeches and presentations, brochure introductions, Annual Reports or think-pieces and blogs. We can create general or project-specific copy for websites, promotional campaigns, reports and reviews, or funding bids. Or we can train you and your team to do it.